National F1 Sale Shows High Demand for Replacement Genetics

March 24th, 2017 by brahmanabba

CALDWELL, TEXAS – The 30th Annual American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) National F1 and Texas Brahman Association Brahman Female Sale attracted more than 350 people to Caldwell Livestock Commission as more than 650 head of replacement females and bulls were sold on March 18, 2017.
More than 150 registered buyers considered the top-quality offering of ABBA Golden Certified or Certified F1 females, registered and purebred Brahman females, Hereford females, and 16 breeding-age bulls. The sale was broadcasted live online with Cattle in Motion and attracted 75 online registered buyers.
Each female consignment was judged by well-known cattle producers and industry professionals. Champion pairs ($2,800/head) was awarded to Umphrey Land and Cattle of Woodville, Texas; champion bred ($2,600/head) and open ($2,050/head) was awarded to Bonchasse Land and Cattle Company of Shreveport, La.; Champion exposed ($3,450/head) was awarded to John Malazzo Farms of Caldwell, Texas; and the champion Brahman pen was awarded to Dubina Rose Ranch of Schulenburg, Texas. John Malazzo Farms also received three honorable mentions in the exposed female category.
A single Brahman X Polled Hereford pair consigned by H&M Cattle Company of Wharton, Texas, was the high selling pair at $4,100. A pen of three Brahman X Polled Hereford pairs also consigned by H&M Cattle Company was the 2nd high selling lot at $4,000/head. The high selling bred consignment was a single Golden Certified Hereford X Brahman bred 8 months and consigned by Royal K Ranch of Caldwell, Texas. This lot sold for $2,800. A pen of five ABBA Certified Hereford X Brahman 12-month-old females was the high selling open pen. These females were consigned by John Malazzo Farms of Caldwell, Texas, and sold for $2,250/head. The high selling exposed females was also the champion pen exposed that sold for $3,450/head consigned by John Malazzo Farms.
Demand was high for purebred genetics; the high selling Braham female consigned by David Mason of Gonzales, Texas, sold for $7,500 and the high selling bull was a Hereford bull that sold for $8,000 consigned by Weil Cattle Company of Irene, Texas.
The ABBA dedicated this year’s sale to Jon Weil of Weil Cattle Company for his commitment to the Brahman and Brahman commercial cattle industry and his influential involvement in the formation of the ABBA F1 program.
The sale was managed by Broken Triangle Cattle Company.
Sale averages are as follows:
Replacement Females
76 Golden Certified/Certified F1 Pairs $2,900
47 Golden Certified/Certified F1 Bred $2,262
187 Golden Certified/Certified F1 Exposed $2,567
190 Golden Certified/Certified F1 Open $1,600
5 Registered Brahman Pairs $3,760
6 Registered Brahman Bred $4,416
29 Registered Brahman $3,335
10 Purebred Brahman $2,000
3 Purebred Hereford Pairs $2,300
64 Purebred Hereford Bred $1,615
4 Purebred Hereford Exposed $850
13 Purebred Hereford Open $1,050
9 Hereford $3,388
4 Angus $2,450
3 Brahman $3,560


The 2017 ABBA National F-1 Sale was dedicated to Jon Weil of Irene, Texas.  It was the foresight of Weil to start the ABBA F-1 Certification Program in 1979 to verify the parentage and superiority of the F-1 Female.


Bonchasse Land & Cattle of Grand Cane, Louisiana received the Champion Banner for both the Open & Bred F-1 Females at the ABBA National F-1 Sale. John Malazzo Farms of Caldwell, Texas received the Champion Banner for the Exposed F-1 Heifers at the 2017 ABBA National F-1 Sale.
Umphrey Land & Cattle of Woodville, Texas consigned the Champion Pen of F-1 Pairs at the 2017 ABBA National F-1 Sale.  Dubina Rose Ranch of Schulenburg, Texas consigned the Champion Pen of Brahman Females at the 2017 ABBA National F-1/TBA Sponsored Brahman Sale.